The Brain Powder - 150 g

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Our whole food powder designed to keep you calm and thinking clear from brain fog, stress and mental fatigue.

Formulated by our world-renowned Neuroscientist. Ārepa is based on decades of clinical research along with our own independent studies on our finished formula.

Perfect for smoothies, cereal, yoghurt and raw baking.

Primary Benefits:

Supports Normal Neurological Function
Supports Anxiety and Stress
Supports Mental Clarity and Focus

Secondary Benefits:

Reduced Mental Fatigue
Supports Physical Performance and Recovery
Supports Immunity (100% Vit C Per serving)


One serving (5.0g) contains:
4.6g of Whole Freeze-dried Neuroberry Blackcurrant Powder
150mg of New Zealand Pine Bark Extract
150mg of L-theanine